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Global TESOL College is the only TESOL Program provider offering a comprehensive series of 16 Specialization TESOL Courses.

Each course will strengthen your teaching portfolio and expand your employment, financial and career options.

You’ll find that our TESOL teachers are exceptionally well qualified and our training manuals are clear and concise. Together, they will give you the advantage you need to secure better jobs and higher pay. The edge you need… select the TESOL Specialization(s) that compliment your interests and support your goals.

(As indicated, all TESOL Programs require the completion of one or more of the TESOL Specialization Courses listed below.)

TESOL Specialization in Teaching English to Children

As children are acquiring a new language, special attention is required when teaching the basic learning skills. Learn to plan, prepare and deliver creative, inspiring and fun lessons that reflect the needs of young learners.

TESOL Specialisation in Teaching Business English

The global marketplace has chosen English as the universal language of communication. By getting your TESOL Specialization, you will find a wider array of employment, tutoring and consulting possibilities. Become TESOL certified to teach Business English today & you will be in high demand in the business world.

TESOL Specialization in Teaching English Grammar

You can speak English but do you know the rules of grammar, and are you able to teach English grammar effectively? Perfect the skills that will form the foundation of every lesson you teach, and learn to impart these essential communication tools to others.

TESOL Specialization in Teaching English to Adults

Adults are voluntary learners with unique and often diverse requirements. Learn the skills necessary to teach English adults in an effective manner, while keeping them motivated to succeed in a new language.

TESOL Specialization in Graduate TESOL

Now that you have mastered the concepts covered in our Foundation TESOL Course, dive deeper into the strategies used to maximize your teaching potential. This academic level course is mandatory for the TESOL Diploma and Instructor Programs.

TESOL Specialization in Teaching TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is studied aggressively by millions of ESL students worldwide. Their TOEFL score will be the major factor in determining their university entrance in North America, or their ability to secure a job in their home country. Learn the easy way to help your students pass this test, and your skills will be in high demand for high paying teaching & tutoring jobs.

TESOL Specialization in Teaching English to Teens

Teenagers have an incredible enthusiasm for learning English due to their fascination with western pop culture. They are taking steps towards independence and planning their future careers. This course will help you to teach English your students and to equip them with the tools they need to communicate in future school, work and social contexts

TESOL Specialization in TESOL for Non-Native English Teachers

As a non-native English speaker, you make up a significant portion of the thousands of English teachers around the world. This course will help you to develop the skills required to teach conversational English effectively, regardless of what your native language is, or where you plan to teach. TESOL Specialization in Teaching English for Computer Use Teach English to people using computer programs and the internet (also referred to as CALL: Computer Assisted Language Learning). Using computers is an innovative and effective way to learn English. Computers – the ELT classroom of the future.

TESOL Specialization in Teaching Medical English

Nurses, Doctors and other foreign medical professionals must be proficient in medical terminology, procedures and concepts in order to work in a native-English speaking country, or to advance in their present position. Become certified to teach them the necessary English skills they need to succeed.

TESOL Specialization in Teaching Legal English

Law students and foreign business people who do not speak English as their native language are looking for teachers who specialize in teaching legal terminology, concepts and international communication.

TESOL Specialization in Tutoring English

Teaching English full time or “on the side” is almost as popular as teaching in regular English classrooms. Tutor English privately one-on-one, in small groups, over the phone, on the internet, or virtually anywhere. Concentrate on tutoring Basic or Specialized English, one of the most lucrative teaching options.

TESOL Specialization in Teaching ESL Locally

Learn how to teach English in USA, Canada, Australia, England etc. Millions of students study English in native English-speaking countries. Teach English in ESL schools in your home country, learn how and what to teach, where to look for work, and how to promote yourself as a local English teacher and/or tutor.

TESOL Specialization in Teaching English for Tourism

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. Hotel staff, tour guides, stores merchants, taxi drivers, as well as many other tourism related occupations require skills to communicate in English. Be part of this dynamic global industry.

TESOL Specialization in Independent Study Elective

Tell the TESOL world your story by sharing your academic perspective. Select a TESOL related topic, and complete an independent research project. This is the perfect TESOL course for the creative mind.

TESOL Specialization in TESOL Teaching Practicum

Put your TESOL knowledge and skills to the test! Practice teaching English at an ESL school of your choice, anywhere in the world. Apply what you have learned in your TESOL Foundation Course and gain valuable classroom experience and impressive resume credentials.

Online course fee - CAD300.00

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