Understanding Child Behavior

You Will Learn:-

  • As parent or teacher, we are sometimes quick to judge the behaviour of a child without first thinking of the underlying cause of misbehavior. So why do children misbehave? Are our expectations realistic?

  • Some children want to be in complete control, meaning that no-one should boss them around as they have the power. Some basic tools for avoiding misbehaviour are important. What is your care giving style?

  • What are natural and logical consequences?

  • What, where, when, why and how are words we should work with, and let's reword the don'ts.

  • Do we allow aggressive play, and if not, how do we redirect aggressive play to empowering play?

  • Why is consistency important?


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Online course fee - USD80.00

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